MCITP-SA Training Maryland

Sponsored by the Academy of Computer EducationServer support has just moved to the next level, and MCITP-SA Training in Maryland is in high demand for providing re-training for experienced server support professionals that hold the old MCSE and MCSA certifications, but as with all technologies, things move apace. Server support professionals have in the past held the MCSE and MCSA, two of the recognized industry wide Microsoft Certified IT professional qualifications; however with the introduction of Windows Server 2008, a certified MCITP-SA which has superseded MCSA and MCSE is the required certification.

MCITP-SA Training in Maryland is available for the new generation OS of Systems Administration and Microsoft related local area networking. As the industry moves into the second decade of the 21st century, and server architecture, chip technology, network topologies and server operating systems move to a new level, the MCSE and MCSA, while being the recognized qualification of the past, will soon be obsolete, making way for its new little brother, the MCITP-SA.

MCITP-SA Training is available in Maryland is available from the Academy of Computer Education’s Greenbelt location, where students can prepare for the examination in their chosen field, and indeed take the examination to keep them at the cutting edge of what is a competitive industry. Any Maryland IT professional who is serious about Microsoft training needs to become, or remain a certified MCITP-SA.

The Maryland based Academy of Computer Education offers professional MCIPT- SA instructors who teach in a hands-on lab, with continuous question and answer sessions.