CEH Training Maryland

Sponsored by the Academy of Computer EducationCEH training in and around Maryland is widely available. The CEH, or Certified Ethical Hacker, certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in the IT-security industry. Provided by the industry-recognized and accepted EC-Council in IT-security, the CEH certification applies to those interested in network security and is based on a non-vendor-specific curriculum. Furthermore, it is fully compliant with the Department of Defense’s 8570 mandate, which requires civilians and military personnel to become certified with a qualified certification or license according to their job.

Prerequisites and Other General Requirements to Enter CEH Training

Students or professionals interested in the exploding field of ethical hacking are typically employed in a range of IT careers and have a foundational understanding of IT security protocols. IT auditors, network administrators, security managers, and systems administrators are individuals that commonly acquire CEH training in Maryland.

Skills that are preferable to have prior to CEH training include: general information-systems security protocols and methods, an understanding of the TCP/IP stack and common exploits, exposure to Linux security protocols and hacking tools, and/or Microsoft Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional security protocols and vulnerabilities. While currently working the IT-security field is certainly favorable, the program is typically available to anyone who has a desire to build upon their credentials and obtain a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive IT Security industry.

Concepts that are covered in CEH boot-camps include:

  • Penetration testing methodology
  • Vulnerability/Risk/Threat analysis and mitigation
  • IP application-level analysis
  • Ethical hacking versus illegal hacking and legal issues
  • Common tools employed by hackers
  • Port scanning strategies
  • SQL injection threats
  • Enumeration
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and firewall penetration

Availability of CEH Training in Maryland

CEH training is available throughout Marylande–specially in the Baltimore and Greenbelt metros–and neighboring states. Classes typically stretch five work-days and include comprehensive lab and theory sessions. The Academy of Computer Education (ACE) is a good example of the many nationally and regionally accredited CEH training organizations in Maryland.

Additionally, other valuable services are commonly offered by CEH training schools in and around Maryland. Most work one-on-one with CEH-prospective students to help them get the appropriate financing if the individual cannot afford the course’s relatively high entry free. They also offer job placement assistance, resume drafting services, and mock-interview sessions (to help individuals polish their resume and interviewing skills).