CCNA Training Maryland

Sponsored by the Academy of Computer EducationStudents or professionals seeking to advance their credential portfolio should consider CCNA training in Maryland. The CCNA, or Cisco Certified Network Associate, is a professional certification offered by the most prominent networking and technology corporation in the world–Cisco. Those who successfully complete the CCNA exam will have a certification under their belt that’s very highly regarded by virtually all businesses seeking to hire technology professionals; a CCNA certification in or around Maryland can also significantly help those already in the field to advance.

CCNA training classes in Maryland are designed to give prospective students apprentice-level efficiency in networking science. CCNA graduates can install, configure, administer, troubleshoot, and operate LAN’s (Local Area Networks), WAN’s (Wide Area Networks), and dial-up networks (Telnet, for example) for small- to medium-sized organizations. Higher-level certifications that follow the CCNA include the CCNP, or Cisco Certified Network Professional; and the CCNE, or Cisco Certified Network Expert. The CISSP, or Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is one of the most elite and highly-regarded in the industry, especially among project management groups in an IT setting.

Students enrolled in a Maryland CCNA training course undergo, on average, five work days of intensive study and hands-on practice in the lab. Start times are different with most classes and campuses, but it’s very easy to find a particular session that accommodates the student’s schedule.

RIP, VLAN, VPN, IGRP, EGRP, IP, ATM Frame Relay, and sub-netting are some of the fundamental protocols that are taught and reinforced. Furthermore, students receive hands-on lab experience with routers and switches, and applying many of the above protocols to them.

CCNA training in and around Maryland

There are CCNA training courses throughout Maryland and neighboring states. The Academy of Computer Education (ACE) in Maryland is one of them. Many of the training courses are located year-round in and around Baltimore and various other cities in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. In addition to training for CCNA certification, programs often offer residual services such as resume-drafting and job-placement assistance, financial aid, versatile learning methods, and flexible class scheduling.

Professionals interested in CCNA training in Maryland come from diverse backgrounds and may or may not already be employed in the field. Some students are still enrolled at the Associate- or Bachelor-level, while others are currently working in the IT sector. Individuals with a CCNA are systems engineers, help desk personnel, network administrators, IT project managers and a variety of other professionals.